Popular Thai Restaurants in Florence

Here's a list of Popular Thai Restaurants in Florence recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Florence

As in a garden (this is the origin of the name), in a cozy atmosphere of light colors and scents.A relaxing environment where you can taste the subtle flavors ...


Restaurant in Florence

Restaurant Buddakan is a small Chinese restaurant located in one of the bustling neighborhoods of Florence.Service was better than most of the other European ...

Mai Thai

Restaurant in Florence

With more than 10 years experienced in Thai food, our master thai chef proud to serve you exotic and fabulous thai food.We invite you to join a fusion of ...

Fu Qui

Restaurant in Florence

It was here , over 20 years in Florence is a historic restaurant with Chinese and Thai cuisine that will welcome you and take you to discover the exotic flavors...


Restaurant in Florence

This restaurant, located on the outskirts of Florence, offers a multi-cuisine dishes cooked in an extremely delicious, especially the desserts (not the ...

Other Recommendations

Caffè Libertà

Restaurant in Florence
Authentic Local

This is a Café located in Florence, which offers you very good tasty bakery foods and cafe. The restaurant will provide you good service .....

Trattoria Zà Zà

Restaurant in Florence

This is one of the best Italian Restaurant in Florence, Italy. This is one of the famous restaurant in Italy you never see. Our restaurant will offers you very ...

Climb The Duomo To See All Of Florence

Restaurant in Florence

After seeing the Duomo from all sides and visiting the inside of the cathedral, all you need to do to complete the experience is climb to the top of the cupola...