Recommended places for having food in San Francisco

Here's a list of Recommended places for having food in San Francisco recommended by our experts:

Bar Tartine

Restaurant in San Francisco

Bar Tartine is nestled in a charming terrace in the heart of the Achrafieh neighborhood of Mar Mikhael.But there's more to Bar Tartine than meets the eye....


Restaurant in San Francisco

What Aziza does better than just about anyone else is create innovative and inspiring cocktails. The bar and the kitchen collaborate on these herb-infused ...


Restaurant in San Francisco

Frances is an ode to refined but comfortable sensibilities in both food and decor. Whether it's the technique-rich, yet simple approach to food, or the open, ...

Ichi Sushi

Restaurant in San Francisco

Ichi Sushi's menu can be summed up in three words: fresh, simple and delicious. True sushi aficionados will appreciate the just-caught freshness found in the ...

Mission Chinese Food

Restaurant in San Francisco

Mission Chinese Food contains Italy The dried-cod fried rice ($10) still rates as a favorite, even if Chinese sausage now overpowers the fish confit. And, the...

Namu Gaji

Restaurant in San Francisco

A family run place. New Korean American (NKA) cuisine is humble, innovative and personal while keeping tradition close to heart. The menu is inspired by the ...

Other Recommendations

Yoshi's San Francisco

Restaurant in San Francisco

Yoshi's Jazz Club & Restaurant has grown to be one of the best eateries in town with a reputation for serving slightly expensive food. One of the most famous ...

Café Bistro - Nordstrom San Francisco

Restaurant in San Francisco

Café Bistro is a stylish, yet comfortable restaurant featuring a contemporary American interpretation of classic bistro cuisine. Located on the 7th floor of the...

Vitrine - St Regis Hotel San Francisco

Restaurant in San Francisco

Located on the fourth floor of the St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, Vitrine offers a full breakfast and lunch menu based on the highest quality ingredients, with...