Savour the local food at these places in Boracay

Here's a list of Savour the local food at these places in Boracay recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Boracay

Andok's, [19]. Andok's, which has 5 locations, sells rotisserie and fried chicken as well as favorite Filipino dishes.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Restaurant in Boracay

ArmyNavy is a quick-service restaurant specializing in a unique burger+burrito concept.

Bite Club Grilled Burgers

Restaurant in Boracay

The Bite Club is a consistent stop for us every time we are in Boracay. It offers great burgers, fresh ingredients and the staff is super patient and friendly. ...

Shakey's Pizza

Restaurant in Boracay

Shakeu's Pizza restaurant is an Italian restaurant. T here are over 500 Shakey's restaurants world-wide. Pizza is still the mainstay at today's Shakey's.

Other Recommendations

Steakhouse Boracay

Restaurant in Boracay

Great little place to eat and enjoy the view.The food is little expensive but you will never be disappointed with its delicious taste.

Fridays Boracay Restaurant

Restaurant in Boracay

Fridays is a good choice for ambience and high-quality food.The menu combines Western and Filipino food--bouillabaisse, beef carpaccio, smoked salmon ravioli...

True Food

Restaurant in Boracay

True Food, in Station 2, offers fiery Indian cuisine that will awaken the tastebuds. The place is cozy with straw mats and over-sized cushions. The staff is ...

Happy Home

Restaurant in Boracay
Authentic Local

You can eat great food for reasonable price at Happy Home Restaurant.

Boracay Crab House

Restaurant in Boracay

The Best Crab Place in Boracay. Their specialties are simply crabs in many ways that you could imagine and their prawn dishes. It would be a shame leaving ...