Take back some memories with you in Rishikesh

Here's a list of Take back some memories with you in Rishikesh recommended by our experts:

Sudha Chandal Mahal

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Another delightful place to shop in Rishikesh is the Sudha Chandal Mahal. Which is a treasure-trove of lovely souvenirs like handicraft items made out of shells...

Other Recommendations

Rishikesh Valley

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

There are many shops which sells spiritual CD's and books so if you are interested you can find something for yourself.

Rishikesh Main Market

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Main Market is very famous town for tourist shopping. Some stalls near Swarg Ashram sell pretty high quality spices at low prices. Cardamom, cloves, ...


Shopping Place in Rishikesh

If you are looking for some fashionable clothes just make your way to Swargashram.

Mishra Tower

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Mishra Tower is a shopping place where you can find different types of shops & different brands in luxury items for the mankind. Shop, Hosiery, Umbrella, ...

Ram Jhula Market

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Ram Jhula Market is also similar to Lakshman Jula. If you cross the bridge by walk there is another market in swargashram. In swargashram also you can get lots ...

Garhwal Wool And Craft Shop

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Garhwal Wool And Craft Shop sells exquisite saris, fashionable kurtas, rugs and sheets at pretty reasonable prices. Jam-packed with buyers all the time, the ...

Khadi Bhandar

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Khadi Bhandar are the hand crafts materials made under the khadi & village industries commission.These crafts can be purchased in Rishikesh in high volume ...

Ganapati Gems Paradise

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Ganapati Gems Paradise are the leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of handicraft items and beautiful silver jewellery. Ganapati Gems Paradise ...

Shagun Plaza

Shopping Place in Rishikesh

Shagun Plaza has a huge collection of apparel for all ages can be found that this big shopping mall. Kids wear and infant care are also available. Food, ...