Best Cafes in Macau

Here's a list of Best Cafes in Macau recommended by our experts:

Macau is one of the hottest destinations in Asia today for its diverse and wonderful dining options. Known as the ‘Vegas of the East’, Macau is a gambling hub with many casinos and has been attracting fortune-seekers for long. But if you dare to look beyond the glitz and glamour, you’ll find that Macau has an incredibly rich history. It is a treasure trove of culture, adventures, and good food with both Portuguese and Chinese influences. Macau is one of the most intriguing food destinations in Asia. On your food hunt, anticipate diverse Portuguese, Chinese and Macanese cuisines, where Michelin–starred restaurants in casinos fight for space with quaint and charming old teahouses, cafes and taverns. Standard menu items include everything from Macanese samosas to pork chop buns and egg tarts. Terra coffee house is a tiny coffee place that offers a good cuppa. Despite its small size it is certainly big on quality, serving up bold and richly flavoured coffee. It is also well designed with a contemporary style, a great stop to just chill in after you are tired with exploring the attractions at St. Augustine Square. Here is a definitive list of the best cafes in Macau:

360° Café

Restaurant in Macau

360° Café is on the 60 floor of Macau Tower, from which customers can not only enjoy delicious food but also beautiful scenery.

Terra Coffee House

Cafe in Macau

Terra coffee house is a tiny coffeeplace that offers a good cuppa of coffee. Despite its small size it is certainly big on quality, serving up bold and richly ...

Lord Stow's Garden Cafe

Cafe in Macau

Bakery : Though the celebrated English baker Andrew Stow passed away, Lord Stow's Bakerykeeps his memory alive by serving his renowned pastéis de nata. Lord ...

Hard Rock Cafe

Cafe in Macau

Hard Rock Cafe Macau is located at Macau's latest and largest entertainment district, the newly claimed Cotai Strip between Taipa and Coloane. Right at the ...

Margaret's Cafe E Nata

Cafe in Macau
Authentic Local

Margaret's Cafe e Nata, Gum Loi Building. While Macau's second most famous egg tart spot (the owner used to be married to the famous Lord Stowe of Coloane), ...

Cafe Toscana

Cafe in Macau

Cafe Toscana, 11 Travessa de S. Domingos, Macau, on a small, cobbled alley leading up from Largo do Senado. Great little pizzas, pasta and decent red wine. Just...