Best places for luxury shopping in Rome

Here's a list of Best places for luxury shopping in Rome recommended by our experts:


Via dell'Oceano Pacifico, 83, 00144 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 526 2161

The Shopping Centre Euroma2 is one of the most exclusive and biggest shopping centres in the city. In fact, it is the biggest shopping centre in Europe at the ... more

Porta Di Roma

Via Vittoria Colonna, 39 - 00193 - Rome, Italy
Phone: +39.06.549021

The Porta di Roma Shopping Centre gives significant added value and visibility to the whole project. Opened in July 2007, it is one of the largest and most ... more

Roma Est

Svincolo Ponte di Nona, 00010 Rome RM, Italy

The Shopping Centre Roma Est is another large shopping centre with more that 220 shops and stores, including a movie theatre that opens in early afternoon. ... more

Parco Leonardo

Via Giulio Romano, 00054 Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
Phone: 0645422448

Parco Leonardo Shopping Centre is located near the Leonardo da Vinci Airport and is one of the biggest malls in Rome. Its modern architectural design is both ... more

Via Condotti

Via Condotti, Rome, Italy

Italian fashion is worldwide known as the best and the most popular shopping area in Rome is Via Condotti housing shops of Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Bulgari, ... more

Via Borgognona

Via Borgognona , Rome, Italy
Phone: 06 693 80130

It's the luxury center of the city, and one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping areas in the world. All the top names you can think of have stores here... more

Via Frattina

Via Frattina, 146-7 Rome, Italy
Phone: 06 678 6173

Via Condotti, Via Frattina, Via Borgognona — form a section of Rome called the Trident. It's the luxury center of the city, and one of the most exclusive and ... more

Via Cola Di Rienzi

Via Cola di Rienzo, Rome, Italy 00192

Cola di Rienzo (or di Rienzi) ) was an Italian medieval politician and popular leader, tribune of the Roman people in the mid-14th century.The fashion pulse ... more

Shop Borsalino

Via di Campo Marzio, 72, 00186 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 678 3945

Today Borsalino has sixteen flagship stores owned in Italy and one in Paris as well as being present in the most elegant boutiques and the best department ... more

Shop Damiani

SHOP Damiani, Rome, Italy

Damiani S.p.A., parent company of the Damiani Group, historically is a leading company in the Italian manufacturing and trade sector of jewelry and high level ... more