Popular places to have North Indian Food in Singapore

Here's a list of Popular places to have North Indian Food in Singapore recommended by our experts:

Food isn’t taken lightly in Singapore. Singapore is the food capital of Asia. It’s no secret, in fact, that food is a national pastime and obsession here – mentioned frequently in Singaporean literature. A melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures, Singaporean cuisine reflects this ethnic diversity in many (highly delicious) ways and has attracted food lovers and keen gastronomers for long. History tells us about Singapore as a seaport with a large immigrant population. Some of the other Influences include cuisines that derive from Indonesian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Peranakan and Eurasian traditions. Locals and people from different communities often interact and eat together. Food is a unifying thread in Singapore and it explains the cheap street food flourish since the 1800s, when Singapore started to really thrive. Singapore’s famed chili crabs and other tasty crustaceans tend to come with a hefty price tag at many of the restaurants, however, and so they tend to be avoided by visitors on a tight budget. Lip smacking Hainanese Chicken, chicken rice, kaya toast, char kway teow, bak chor mee, and a vibrant plethora of delicious hawker street fare are your bet for the best value-for-money meals in Singapore. International cuisine is widely available too. Food is a frequent topic of conversation among Singaporeans. There are religious dietary restrictions, as Muslims do not eat pork and Hindus do not eat beef, and there is also a significant group of vegetarians. Discover the many innovative dishes found everywhere from hawker stands to upscale restaurants. Serving up South Indian specialties in a casual colonial setting, Samy's Curry is a Singapore institution. The fact that Samy's has been around for 50 years is a testament to how good the food truly is. Whet your appetite with a mouth-watering meal at any of these fabulous North Indian restaurants:

Shahi Maharani

Restaurant in Singapore
IndianNorth IndianRajasthaniMughlai

The Moghul emperors of days gone by are no more! But they have left behind them a heritage so rich in culinary extravaganza that it has been passed down ...


Restaurant in Singapore
AsianVegetarianIndianNorth Indian

The word tandoor came originally from the Middle East with the name deriving from the Babylonian word 'tinuru' from the Semitic word nar meaning fire. Hebrew ...

Samy's Curry Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore
IndianSouth Indian

Serving up South Indian specialties in a casual colonial setting, Samy's Curry is a Singapore institution. The fact that Samy's has been around for 50 years is ...

Rang Mahal

Restaurant in Singapore

After all these years, Rang Mahal still stands as one of the most impressive fine dining Indian restaurants in Singapore. Serving North, South and coastal ...

Punjab Grill By Jiggs Kalra

Restaurant in Singapore

With Punjab Grill, he has redefined Indian food with a focus on serving authentic Indian cuisine from the North West Frontier Province. Showcasing the Jiggs ...

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore

This landmark Indian-Muslim restaurant opposite Sultan Mosque has been serving nasi biryani, murtabak, roti prata and other dishes for over 100 years. It's ...

Spice Sutra Restaurant & Cafe

Cafe in Singapore
IndianNorth IndianMughlai

At Spice Sutra - North Indian Restaurant, you will be spoilt for choice by the wide ranging styles of dishes that have been cooked to perfection by our chefs....


Restaurant in Singapore
AsianIndianNorth IndianSouth Indian

Lagnaa, 6 Upper Dickson Road (East off Serangoon Road, on the Southern side of the street). Delicious Indian food from a very friendly owner. Upstairs is ...

Delhi Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore
AsianIndianNorth IndianSouth Indian

Delhi Restaurant, 60 Race Course Rd (2nd branch on Serangoon Rd). Offers a more upmarket experience with vested waiters and a stack of awards posted on the wall...


Restaurant in Singapore
AsianIndianNorth Indian

Yantra is a trendy and chic fine dining restaurant, offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavours to stimulate the palate and gratify the...

Gayatri Restaurant

Restaurant in Singapore

Gayatri is known for electic northern and southern Indian cuisine, our restaurant is also noted for its open concept kitchen where inquisitive diners can peek ...


Restaurant in Singapore
IndianNorth IndianNon Vegetarian

Note: Closed hours - 2.30 PM to 7 PM. Tandoor ─ a part of Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre ─ has become synonymous with authentically prepared, ...