Restaurants serving great Asian food in Penang

Here's a list of Restaurants serving great Asian food in Penang recommended by our experts:

Kebaya Restaurant

Restaurant in Penang

Kebaya is the diningroom of the Seven Terraces, a menu of classic Indo and Straits Chinese Nyonya dishes. They have refined these using French cooking ...

Long Beach Cafe

Cafe in Penang

This food court is more populated by tourists.The environment is like a normal food court, but this Long Beach Cafe has all the Penangs delicous food.


Restaurant in Penang

Ferringhi Garden

Restaurant in Penang

Serves a variety of Fusion Western and Chinese cuisine in a garden atmosphere. Diners can enjoy a relaxing evening to wine & dine in an environment filled with ...

Tek Sen

Restaurant in Penang

TEIK SENG RICE STALL 徳成飯店 is located at the new border, between the core zone and buffer zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site road known as ...


Restaurant in Penang

Great, wholesome food aside, Five27 was also conceptualised with comfort, uncompromising service, and the spirit of togetherness in mind. As such, the attention...