Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be a TripFactory Franchise?

If you have the passion, zeal, commitment & vision on 21st century travel technology, then join us on board!

How much time does it take for a franchise Store setup?

We are simple, it should take two weeks to complete the entire store setup.

How will I hire the people?

Don't worry, we will take care of hiring the best & experienced staff for your store.

How long does it take for the training and start of business?

One week post signing the contract

How do I track my performance?

Online, all the business goes though the system and therefore all metrics, on sales, marketing, revenue are online.

WIll I have the opportunity to interact with other Franchises, to share and learn?

Yes, we believe in sharing & caring.

How will you help me to grow the Business Growth year on year?

We will handhold you from the inception of the store & we will arm you with the best of our travel technology.

How much investment is required to get started and what is the expected ROI?

Depends which Model you signup for? After the application process we will decide which model we can offer you.

What is the support and back office setup?

Our entire support is on the click of a button, and a call away.

How many franchise formats do you have?

We have 5 formats. We will let you know based on your city and location, which we can offer you.

What if I want to upgrade the format from where I am, is there any additional fee?

We will evaluate the business potential and work with you to come with the new upgrade format.

What is the risk involved in the business?

It's a risk free business, as you are selling a service, without holding any inventory.

New Product Announcements and Training?

We will publish it through our website. You would get a notification on the website & mobile app.

Do we get a mobile app also?

Yes, one of the best mobile apps.

Will I get any Technical Support?

Yes, we have got the best hands/brains.

I am an existing Franchise of another company, Am I eligible?

Yes, You are most welcome to join our 21st century team, but you will have to give up the other franchise , if it is with another travel company.

What is the duration of the contract?

3 Years

What support they will get in terms of leads generation, brand building and differentiating from the rest of the lot.

We will provide you 90 online leads per month per staff.

What is there for them apart from commission like education trips etc.

We have a 55 countries education trip (subject to target achievement)