Tourism Revival

Vaccination will drive revival and growth, By July we will have about 45 - 50 crores will be vaccinated in India. The traveling public is only 30 crs. So tourism will be back in full swing in July.

By mid July, more than 70% of world population will be vaccinated & counties gains herd immunity

  • India has embarked on the worlds largest immunization program.
  • Online booking will rise even as conventional methods such as in-person booking remain popular
  • Primary Motivation for Tourism Post Vaccination:
  • 52% want to take a break
  • 34% want to visit family & friends
  • 14% want to explore new destination
  •  Promoting domestic tourism and supporting safe return of international tourism
  • Source : McKinsey and Accenture industry reports

How Travel Needs to Evolve?

Safety and Hygiene will improve and will deter future spread of diseases. For the near future, the focus of tourism needs to be turned inwards, instead of outwards.

In order for tourism to regain strength, operations need to evolve.

120 million passport holders - 200 million by 2030

Popular formats of travel, such as GIT need to be restructured considering safety.

New formats of travel, focusing on social distancing and safety, must be created.

Travel to tourism-fed destinations needs to be developed better for sustenance.

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