Aboriginal Art World

89 Todd Mall, Alice Springs Northern Territory 0870 Phone: + 61 (0)8 8952 7788 www.aboriginalartworld.com.au


Aboriginal Art World is an Alice Springs based Australian indigenous art gallery focusing predominantly on art from the desert regions around Alice Springs. They also have showcase art from the top end of the Northern Territory and Cape York in Queensland. Their artwork forms and dreamtime stories invest meaning in its mysteries, weaving a connection between spirit and country. The majority of the work are commissioned directly from the artist and completed in a dedicated art studio. Customers can either buy a completed work or commission their own piece. Australian Aboriginals have been using orches as body paint and to paint on rock and bark for ten of thousands of years. It was only in the 1930s at the Hermannsburg mission that this traditional painting was moved towards the art that we recognize in the galleries today.

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