Absolute Explorer

Sukhumvit Road, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260, Thailand Phone: +66 87 077 9696 Average Price: $ 35 per person www.absoluteexplorer.com


After a quick bike fitting and briefing we take to the outskirts of Bangkok for our adventures. We ride down Bangkok back roads, along tiny lane ways and through leafy parks well away from Bangkok's famous traffic. A maximum of 6 persons means genuinely small groups. Experience has show that smaller groups are less intrusive to local cultures and environments whilst allowing more interaction with local people. Furthermore, it means greater flexibility and on a social level proves to be more fun. Try being "low-key" in a village or spotting any wildlife with 20 other people around.The intention is to travel as a group of friends rather than a typical tour group, so don't expect stick-on name badges or any "following of umbrellas."

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