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Acqua Madre Hammam

Via di S.Ambrogio, 17,00186 ROMA,Italy Phone: . 06 6864272 Average Price: $ 23 per person


Hammam As per tradition in Rome provides for the succession of rooms, from the hottest to the coldest places in whose hands accudenti maternal and lovingly 
pamper you and take you back to the childhood memory of sensations well-being. 
In the first room, dressing room or apodyterium hammam, there is stripped of everything that can draw the world outside, it locks every object and every thought in a locker, and only covered with a white cloth, we are preparing a journey towards themselves, in a moment of deep listening of your body, of abandonment
They provide with many facilities like Treatments in the path Hammam, Massage, Birch Path, Path Fior di Menta, Hammam for Men and Women, Hammam Baby

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