Allahabad Fort

Baand Marg, Allahabad fort, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211005


Allahabad Fort. The Allahabad Fort, built from the year 1583 onwards by Akbar, stands at the junction of the two great rivers. It was the largest of Akbar`s forts, and although its original form has been much impaired by early restoration work, the splendid Zenana Palace still survives. It is a fine pavilion, with a central square hall carried on sixty-four columns bordered by a deep veranda of double columns and there are clusters of four in each corner. Kumbha Mela Under the wall of the palace, there is the so-called `Undying Banyan Tree` or Akshai Vata. In front of the entrance to the-Fort is the `Ashoka Pillar`, 35 feet high, it is made up of polished stone. Edicts of Ashoka are inscribed on it. The fort was later garrisoned under Company Raj, this imposing structure stands on the bank of Yamuna at sangam nose. Due to serious military concerns, only a limited area of the fort can been seen.  

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