Azaad Bazaar

Same Buiding as Bank of Maharashtra, Bandra - West


India's first ever LGBT pride store Azaad Bazaar is a clothing and accessories outlet. Producing products for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community since 2006, Azaad Bazaar has now opened it store that is meant for all customers. It is known for its innovative and hep styles. Their designs have a blend of the Indian style along with the international "Rainbow Pride" symbols. But don't be intimidated by this special store's niche clientèle because Azaad Bazaar swears by its designs that cater to all the customers and states itself as straight-friendly. Amongst the list of available items for sale a Azaad Bazaar are t-shirts, mugs, objects for home decor, key chains, rainbow pride objects and much more.

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