Bar do Beto

Venancio Aires Av, 876. Subdivision: Farrukhabad Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil Phone: (51) 3332-0063 Average Price: $ 68 per person


An icon of the Town and the Good End, Bar do Beto is a meeting of journalists, artists, professionals, students and other distinguished residents of the bohemian cultural and fauna of Porto Alegre.  This is Bob's Bar, one of more traditional bars.  Famous for Fillet with Parmesan, and the other dishes produced by dedicated kitchen, always quick and attentive, also in the preparation of specialized applications.  Well spoken by the always super cold beer and the beer at the ideal temperature.  In a spacious and comfortable, you can also check out the entire range of tasty dishes: steak on the plate, open sandwich, lasagna, risotto, carter, codfish and very more!  Bob's Bar is the place to find good conversation, sip beer and impeccably frosty draft beer, taste the best wines anywhere. 

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