Bonorong Wildlife Park and Richmond Tour from Hobart

hobart, australia. Average Price: US$ 84 per person


Bonorong Wildlife Park is Tasmania's premier wildlife-based attraction that is a haven for feathered and furry animals who have been injured or orphaned. Grab a gift voucher to step inside this sanctuary and see firsthand how they care for, rehabilitate and nurture the animals until they are ready to be re-released into the wild. Step inside the park's gates that act as the entry to the home of the animals set in the perfect climate and environment for their needs with one of the largest mobs of friendly, free-ranging kangaroos and wallabies. Meet them all up close and hand-feed them with the complimentary bag of animal feed provided to you on entry - our animals are both loved and cherished by all the park's staff and we are surer hey will be by you as well!

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