Café 17

Hotel Taj Chandigarh, Sector 17-A Phone: ☎ +91 172 6613000


Café 17, Hotel Taj Chandigarh, Sector 17-A, ☎ +91 172 6613000. 24 hours. A very convenient (as well as very expensive) place to eat, chiefly on account of the fact that it is open round the clock. Multi-cuisine offerings such as "Fijian Mango and Walnut Salad" (Rs 500), "Naples Grilled Panini" (Rs 650), salmon pasta (Rs 600), "Barbados Prawns" (Rs 1,050). Frequent misspellings of the names of Italian dishes, unpardonable at these prices (e.g. "Penne Pomodoro Bassilico" for "penne al pomodoro e basilico", etc.). "Spaghetti con Fungi [sic]", apart from the misspelling, is translated in the menu as "Black fungus [sic] in pesto cream sauce", which may put some off (unnecessarily). The buffet breakfasts (7:00AM~10:30AM; Rs 675), lunches (12:30PM~3:00PM; Rs 1,100), and dinners (7:30PM~11:30PM; Rs 1,300~1,400) here are mostly geared towards the Indian palate and best avoided (the atmosphere, somewhat sterile in the best of times, also changes for the worse during these communal feeding periods). The WiFi comes at a premium here (Rs 140 for 30 minutes).  

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