CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club)

Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 32, 08003 Barcelona, Spain Phone: +34 932 24 04 70


Prices are high and so is the snob factor at this achingly cool bar on the edge of the beach. The VIP section is a favorite of famous soccer players, but if you want to join them on the comfortable-looking white chill-out beds, you'll have to buy a 150€ bottle of champagne. It has a large outside terrace for passersby to gawk at the beautiful people. The trendy night is Sunday, when chill-out music plays around 11pm for those cool enough to not have to wake up first thing on Monday.

Useful Tips

"take advance you are here and bring the best house música cd."

"great club, good vibe, great setting!"

"the best in barcelona."

"the best club on the beach!"

"the best place in barcelona but champagne price is interesting 11.000 £ !??"

"the best party in town!"

"best part is - the view of the ocean and the beach."

"the best people in town!"

"perfect place for having a drink until 3am!"

"superb club!"

"best club in barceloneta!"

"one of the best lounge clubs in barcelona"

"the best place on the beach."

"the mumbai tapas.... the pad thai.... awesome!"

Must do


"must! the best party in town! glamour people and great atmosphere!"

"must-go in barceloneta"

"must have seen !"

What people dont like

"go down to the beach, sit at a table and then go in to the bathroom and voila!"

"terrible service, and unacceptable especially because it is so monumentally expensive!"

"slow, non existent service and ridiculously overpriced."

"expensive and tasty food together with extremely poor service!"

"a little bit snobbish ..."

"bad service, avarage food and expensive."

"brutal el estilo y decoración de este sitio."

"expensive + never saw so tiny pieces if raw fish."

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