Club X


Club X, (3 blocks north of Showa-doori on Oyafuko. 6th floor of the Line 19 Building), [24]. Club X is the largest club on Oyafuko and one of the more popular clubs in Fukuoka. They play a mix of Hip Hop and dance music and attract a large crowd. Club X operates as a club until 1 AM. When the sun comes up they reopen and allow dancing until they close sometime in the mid morning on weekends. The morning crowd largely consists of hard-partiers and people who work in host/hostess clubs and other entertainment related jobs. Entrance on weekends is usually ¥1000 with 1 drink for women and ¥2000 with 2 drinks for men but the price can change for special events which happen on a regular basis. In the morning the charge is ¥1000 for men and women with 1 drink. During the week they usually don't have an entrance fee and they offer ¥300 beer and shots between 8-10PM.  

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