Coloane Island

South of Dangzhi Island, Macau


The stunningly beautiful Coloane Islands offer visitors with numerous historical sites and natural attractions such as lush forested hills, great sea caves and rocky cliffs. The island has stood time and has maintained the Macanese traditional ways of living. The sleepy Coloane Village located within the island is inhibited by the fishing community. The village attracts tourists towards its street shops, colorful temples and traditional houses. The Chapel of St Francis Xavier is a must visit site if you're in Coloane Island. The Hac Sa Bay or Black Sand Bay is one of the best sightseeing attractions and is renowned for seaside bathing. Similarly, the Bamboo Bay is an excellent place to unwind and offers windsurfing and horse racing attractions. Besides this, the pristine sandy beaches followed by miles of hiking trails and striking outdoors add to the charm of holidaying at Coloane Islands.

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