Cuisine Tour in Agra

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India


This is a 4-hour tour that includes a walk through a local food market, a visit to a local home, interactive cooking session, and lunch. The city of Agra lies in Uttar Pradesh, a fertile agricultural state. Agra is surrounded by rural areas, where farming and animal rearing are the primary occupations of people. There are two annual crops - the kharif crop (wheat, mustard) which is harvested in April, and the rabi crop (millets, rice, mung dal) which is harvested in October. Vegetables, fruits and other seasonal produce are available in plenty in Agra's markets. During this tour, we will go on a short walk through a local food market, to see the produce available, and to familiarize you with the essential ingredients of North Indian cooking. We will learn not just about the various spices and condiments used in an Indian meal, but also some of the interesting rules and taboos related to religion and food.

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