Czech Republic Travel Guide

The Czech Republic is centrally located in the heart of Europe. It has a democratic parliamentary system of government and a well-developed economy. The Czech Republic is a member of NATO and the European Union. Tourist facilities in the capital city of Prague are at the level of those found in most European capitals, although travelers can expect varying standards outside of Prague. There are not many places in the world where will you find so much beauty in such a small area. History has left its mark on this country in the very heart of Europe in its many wonderful medieval towns, proud castles, elegant chateaux and charming folk buildings. All of this is embraced by the diverse landscape of harmonious fields and meadows in bloom, thousands of fishponds, deep forests and borderland mountains. Set out to get to know some of the fascinating stories of a country which is proud of its historical heritage. All you have to do is come and enjoy it with all of your senses. The historical lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia have been a crossroads of culture between the East and the West for more than a thousand years now. Their history, linked with the history of Europe, tells stories of an era of economic and cultural boom and decline, bitter wars, revolution but also national awakening. All of this was projected onto the character of the country and left appreciable traces there. Nowadays, the Czech Republic is a developed country which provides its visitors with everything they need to spend an unforgettable holiday in a country where there is constantly something new to discover.

Top Destinations in Czech Republic