Da Niang Shui Jiao

E Nanjing Rd (南京东路; Nanjingdonglu) Cuisines: Chinese


Da Niang Shui Jiao (大娘水饺), E Nanjing Rd (南京东路; Nanjingdonglu). Part of a chain of dumpling (饺子 "jiaozi") restaurants around the country. Think of it like the McDonalds of Chinese dumplings. Some of the cheapest food on the Nanjing Rd, pedestrian mall, but be prepared with either a phrase book or a Chinese friend. Dumplings are ordered in "fen". "San fen" (三分) = three fen = a normal sized plate. To order dumplings: number + "fen" + filling (pork, vegetable, etc.). Soup is also available.  

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