Barao de Capanema 549, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 01411011, Brazil Phone: 551 130 880 761 Average Price: US$ 22 per person Features: Reservation, Dessert, Contemporary, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch domrestaurante.com


D.O.M. Deo Optimus Maximus which, for the benefit of any non-Latin speakers, means 'God is greatest and best the dominant cuisine in high end restaurants was French and Italian. Today, South American food and ingredients are creeping on to the top tables of gastronomy, not just in the continent from which it hails, but across the world, and Atala has had a major hand in this.The pioneering chef is also part-historian and part-botanist thanks to his research trips with scientists and anthropologists deep into the Amazon to test potential ingredients for his menu. 

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