Elephant Lake

Munnar, Kerala, India


Elephant Lake or Elephant Arrival Lake or Anayirangal is a place frequented by tourists visiting Munnar. Elephant Lake or Anayirangal is an idyllic picnic location which has a dam and a reservoir. Elephant Lake or Anayirangal is located nearby Tata Tea Plantations in Munnar, at a distance of about 22 km from Munnar. The Elephant Lake is a picturesque location surrounded by tea plantations, evergreen forests, rolling grasslands and hillocks. Tourists interested in photography can capture the panoramic view of the calm waters of the reservoir with the backdrop of dense Tata tea estates and clouds. The Elephant Lake or Anayirangal is named so since herds of wild elephants arrive here from the dense forests of Munnar to drink water. It is very common to spot a herd of elephants by the waters of Elephant Lake. Tourists maintain a safe distance from the elephants as it is very dangerous to disturb them.

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