Experience Brussels

BIP - Rue Royale 2-4 , BIP - Koningstraat 2-4,1000,- Bruxelles , Brussel,Belgium Phone: +32 2 563 63 99 http://www.biponline.be/?q=bip-expo


An exhibition for everyone, educational, fun and interactive, which presents the Brussels Capital-Region from every angle, in a single place and in a single stage. Through a surprising scenography accessible to everyone, the exhibition shows and explains to visitors how and why the Region was created, how its institutions work, what role it plays in its status as international city and capital of Europe, how Brussels urban development is organised, who the people of Brussels are, who works in Brussels, what it has to offer in the way of culture, what its specific features and characteristics are, its flavours, its accents, its customs and its eccentricities. Also an interactive exhibition where everyone can test their knowledge, learn, discover things, improve their mind, have fun on their own or as a family.

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