First noodle under the sun

Hanguang Road (South Section), Yanta,, Xi'an, China Phone: 029-87286088


The First Noodle Under the Sun  is a chain of restaurants, with an oddly transliterated English name, but a great reputation for tasty noodle-based cuisine. Though the restaurants are basic, the chain is popular with locals and foreigners alike, and offers a huge selection of local specialties, including cumin chicken skewers and spicy  kungbao  chicken. Of course, the restaurant also serves a wide range of vegetable, meat and seafood-based noodle dishes, with 18 different types of noodle to choose from. The house specialty is the  biang biang mian , a 4-metre strip of noodle that is folded into a bowl, served with vegetable toppings and two soup dishes on the side.

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