Forest of Stone Steles Museum

Sanxuejie St, Wenyi Bei Lu 18, Xi'an, China Phone: 029 721 0764 Average Price: $ 7 per person


The  Stele Forest or  Xi'an Beilin Museum  is a museum for  steles  and stone sculptures which is located in  Xi'an China . The museum is housed in a former  Confucian Temple  and it has housed a growing collection of Steles since 1087. By 1944 it was the principal museum for  Shaanxi province . Due to the large number of steles, it was officially renamed as the Forest of Stone Steles in 1992. All together, there are 3,000 steles in the museum, which is divided into seven exhibitions halls, which mainly display works of calligraphy, painting and historical records.

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