Guangzhou City Art Museum

No.13 Luhu Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 510095, China Phone: 020-83659337 OR 020-83659202


Guangzhou Museum of Art is located in the northern foot of Baiyun Guangzhou, luhu River, covers an area of 20,300 square meters, construction area of 40,300 square meters. Hospital in southern China is a large art museum, set collection, research, exhibition, exhibitions, education, communication and leisure as one.  Existing pavilion (Hall) 19, and a multi-purpose hall, heritage houses, conservation laboratories, art appreciation room, professional full-featured, equipment integrity, strong artistic atmosphere. In the Court's collection of ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy works, based especially on the Lingnan region of calligraphy and paintings, focusing on both the other categories of ancient works of art, collections category includes Chinese painting, calligraphy, paintings, prints, watercolors, gouache, pastels, comics, painting, sculpture, Thangka, bronzes, ceramics, wood, paper cutting and so on. Chronological collections from Neolithic to modern times, many of them national treasures, has high artistic value and historical value.  
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