Gupt Ganga

Gupt Ganga river, srinagar, jammu kasmir Phone: Not available


This is an ancient and greatly revered Shiv Temple situated on the bank of Neru river near the first bridge on Bhadarwah Jai Road. This is famous historical pilgrim place. The domb of the temple is made of Stones in a circular shape. A stream of pure water flows from inside of the temple and drops on the ShivLing day and night. The whole sight is so attractive that visitors desire to go on seeing it again and again . the inside water then flows to a "Bawali" (Pond) where Sadhus, devitees and visitors take bath. The water of the Bawali is cold in summer and warm in winter. Since the stream of water comes into the temple in a hidden mysterious way, and the water of this stream is considered as sacred as the water of the Ganga, so it is called Gupt Ganga.

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