Happy Valley Tea Estate

Pamphawati Gurungni Rd, Darjeeling, India


This 1854 tea estate below Hill Cart Rd is worth visiting, especially when the plucking and processing are in progress (March to November). An employee will guide you through the aromatic factory and its withering, rolling, fermenting and drying processes, explaining how green, black and white teas all come from the same leaf. Take the marked turn-off about 1km northwest of town on Hill Cart Rd. The only tea garden in Darjeeling town, Happy Valley grows some of the finest quality tea produced in the region. A unique geographical combination of altitude, soil and gradient gives the tea from this estate a distinct bouquet flavour. Happy Valley offers visitors a unique opportunity of experiencing tea manufacturing. The affable and well informed personnel walk the guests through the tea making process. The Finest quality tea, fresh from the garden, is available for purchase at the Happy Valley factory.

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