Hedavde Mahalaxmi Temple

Hedavde Village, Nh8 Khanivade Reti Bunder, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401302 Phone: 9820873651 hedavdemahalaxmi.org


The truth about discovery of mata's temple starts late back in 19th century.That was the era, when late Mr.P P Dadasaheb Hate used to farm in the villege of hedavade. A Goldsmith by occupation and even worked as a farmer. One fine day, Dadasaheb had a dream in Which a godess had appeared asking him to help her remove her out from the lands of hedavade and build a temple for her to reside. It is believed that dreams of gods are always true,Thus Dadsaheb gathered few fellow peoples and went to the location that he had dreamt. Exact at that Location.He Decided to dig, Then was the strangest thing that happened ,they found a Statue of Godess MahaLaxmi Mata diped whole in shindur and mud.After that Incident every body in hedavade village was happy
          After that dadasaheb wrote a letter to Mr.Narayan informing him about the incident and seeking for a advice.In reply He told to clean the statue of Mata and apply some mixture of chandan and shindur to it, After that Dadsaheb decide to build a temple in hedavade village so that people of hedavade can worship Maha Laxmi Mata very well. Since then dadasaheb had started the prodecure of worshipping mata.Then later as Dadsaheb entered in his old days he handed over the responsibilities of temple to his son late Mr.Babasaheb Hate.Since then he started continued worship Mata, During his time,He saw the increasing number of followers and slowly started building the temple surroundings for the comfort of devottes.Since then he started the procedure of MahaPrasad.in his whole life, He had worshipped MahaLaxmi mata and now he has handed this responsibilities to his only son Mr.Rakesh Hate.since then till today he has being servicing to Mahalaxmi Mata and handling temple activities.       

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