Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve

Ernest Giles Road, 145 kilometres south of Alice Springs, 0870 Phone: 61 08 8951 8250


Walk into an other-worldly landscape shaped by an meteor hitting the earth at Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve. Located 145 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs, the reserve contains 12 craters that were formed when the Henbury Meteor, weighing several tonnes and accelerating to over 40,000 kilometres per hour, disintegrated before impact. Follow the self-guided walking track around the craters, the largest of which is 180 metres wide and 15 metres deep. You will have to look more closely for the smallest, which is barely recognisable at 6 metres wide and only a few centimetres deep. Three or four of the craters can be seen very clearly and inspected at close range. Keen photographers should time their visit for early morning or late afternoon, when the sun defines the craters clearly. The scattered fragments of the Henbury Meteorite can be found at the Museum of Central Australia. They consist mainly of iron and nickel and are extremely heavy. Over 500 kilograms of metal have been found on the site, the largest weighing over 100 kilograms. Visitors can camp in a dedicated area with basic facilities, which is adjacent to the car park. Water and firewood are not supplied, and camping fees apply.

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