Hong Kong's Street Markets

Hong Kong


Hong Kong has a variety of colourful and busy street and covered markets always popular with visitors as a haunt for bargaining and seeking out cheap goods of all descriptions. Here is a summary of the more popular markets; 
STANLY MARKET -You can Shops offer a wide variety of clothes, footware, sportswear, jewellery, Chinese silk garments, paintings and artwork, toys and souvenirs. 
TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET, YAU MA TEI-Hong Kong's largest night market is located in the Yau Ma Tei and Jordan area of Kowloon and runs almost parallel to the western side of Nathan Road. The market is also known as "Mens Market" as it targets male customers and offers a huge range of tacky and often counterfeit goods including clothes, bags, lighters, watches, artwork, CD's and DVD's, toys, electrical goods, jade, footware, household goods and souvenirs.
MONGKOK-  This district has a lot to offer. The most important being the late closing hours. Most of the shops stay open till about 12 in the night. The 'Ladies Market' has bags, shoes, clothes, chinese souvenirs.And other shopping area are :  Li Yuen Street East and West, Li Yuen Street East and West, Jardine Crescent

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