I Porchettoni

Via dei Marrucini, 18, 00185 Rome, Italy Phone: +39 06 8786 0066 Cuisines: Italian Features: Alcohol Available http://www.iporchettoni.it/


The porchetta of Ariccia  - city on the Alban Hills, not far from Rome - has obtained the Protected Geographical Indication "PGI" and is the best known of its kind. The Legend (taken up by Virgil in the Aeneid) narrates that the Homeric hero Aeneas, after leaving Troy, now conquered by the Achaeans, landed on the coast of Lazio and went on to seize the Alban Hills "Golden Bough" in the woods sacred to Artemis (Diana) and thus give rise, through his descendants (Romulus and Remus), the largest and most powerful cities of ancient ROME.

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