Istana Maimoon

Jalan Brigadir Jenderal Katamso, Medan, Indonesia


Maimoon Palace is one of the most beautiful castles still exist in Indonesia. The unique architecture and interior design of this palace gives a special character. MAIMUN palace was built by Sultan Al-Mamun Rashid Perkasa Alamsyah. MAIMUN palace built in the design of an Italian architect in 1888. As a legacy of the Malay Sultanate-Deli, MAIMUN Palace dominated by yellow, Malay special. Maimoon castle built on a land area of 2772 sq m in the central government's Deli, now way Brigjen Katamso, Medan. MAIMUN Palace consists of two floors divided into three parts, namely the main building, left wing and right wing. In front, about 100 meters, stands the Al-maksum known as Medan Istana.

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