Jeep Safaris in Himalayas

kullu valley, kullu, india. Phone: Not Available


A Jeep Safari is a mix of culture and adventure. Jeep Safari is the best option to explore the Himalayan regions of India, and also the a Tribal Area of himachal Pradesh. The Trip Affords views of lush green valleys towering snow clad mountains and barren hill with surrealistic forms and shapes. Excellent for the trekker who is reasonably fit.  The views of the entire Kullu valley are excellent and are glimpsed all along the trail. Once atop the Hampta pass (4268 Mts.), other spectacular panorama of peaks appear. The Chandrataal is a jewel of lake so breathtaking in its beauty that one feels like spending an eternity here. Then it is in to the Lahaul Valley where barren towering mountains rise above lush green fields of potato and barley.

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