Jeju (city)

Top Places to Visit

Jeju Wooden Goverment Offices

Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea , Jeju (city)
Phone: ☎ 064-728-8665

Jeju Wooden Goverment Offices (Jeju mokkwana (제주목엣관아)), (In downtown, follow the signs to the ''wooden gate''), ☎ 064-728-8665, [1]. A comparably nice set of ... more

Top Places to Eat


Jeju-si , Jeju (city)
Phone: ☎ 064-744-5555

Modu-modu (모두모두), Jeju-si (Just up the hill and on the right from KCTV, if you reach the military HQ you've gone too far.), ☎ 064-744-5555. A rather large and ... more

Top Activity Places

Halla Arboretum

Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Halla Arboretum (Halla sumokwon(한라수목원)), (Take the #63 or #300 up to the carpark, or walk up the hill from Shin-jeju. Alternately, there is a rear entrance up ... more

Blackstone Golf & Resort

Blackstone Golf & Resort

Blackstone Golf & Resort Jeju Island, Korea
Phone: Bookings 064 - 795 - 2121

18-hole private course and 9-hole resort golf course with spectacular lava outcrops and caves, mature woodlands, open links-style environment and views of Halla... more