Top Places to Eat

Clubventos Buffet

Clubventos Buffet

Rua da Praia , Jericoacoara
Phone: ☎ +558836692288

ClubVentos Buffet, Rua da Praia (just get to the beach), ☎ +558836692288, [8]. 9:30.  



On the shore , Jericoacoara

Naturalmente, On the shore. Good crepe with cosy atmosphere in the sunset. Lobster crepe (R$18); qualho cheese, tomato and basilico (R$9.50).  



Rua do Forró 530 , Jericoacoara
Phone: ☎ +55-88-3669-2013

Carcará, Rua do Forró 530, ☎ +55-88-3669-2013. This highly regarded restaurant has a wide variety of seafood dishes, from local specialties to international ... more

Tempero Da Terra

Rua São Francisco , Jericoacoara

Tempero da Terra, Rua São Francisco. Attracts an incredible amount of flies. Many dishes at R$ 5-6.  

Na Casa Dela

Main road, next to the ice-cream shop , Jericoacoara

Na casa dela, Main road, next to the ice-cream shop. Typical regional northeastern food in a lovely atmosphere. Mariela and Pablo own as well the ice-cream shop... more

Sabor A Lenha

Sabor A Lenha

Main road and the beach , Jericoacoara

Sabor a Lenha, Main road and the beach. Open for lunch and dinner. The owner is "Jorge", very popular in Jericoacoara. Everything is cooked in a wood-fired oven...

Top Shopping Places


Pharmacy Alley , Jericoacoara

OKLOS, Pharmacy Alley (beside Hotel Mosquito Blue). 8h00 - 12h00 & 14h00 to 23h00. Sunglasses for kite & windsurfers, kids and Italian design. Protection for ...

Jeri Dance Studio

Rua Do Forro , Jericoacoara
Phone: ☎

Jeri Dance Studio, Rua Do Forro (First Floor over Post Office), ☎ Learn to dance Forro, the local dance style, or polish your Salsa... more

Jericoacoara Stables

Jericoacoara Stables

100 Rua dos Coqueiros , Jericoacoara
Phone: ☎ +55(88)3669-9810

Jericoacoara Stables (Vila Bela Vista Stables), 100 Rua dos Coqueiros, ☎ +55(88)3669-9810, [7]. 7 - 20. Jericoacoara Stables is the only Equestrian Center in ... more

Top Activity Places


Rua do Forro, Jericoacoara
Phone: ☎ 8899086279

Ivonne, Rua do Forro, Jericoacoara (over the post office), ☎ 8899086279. 1. Dancing- use your time to learn the local dance Forro, and use your skills ... more

Helio Windsurf

Helio Windsurf, ☎ +55 88 99462199 (, [4]. An excellent place to rent equipment or take a lesson is Club Ventos, which provides the most ... more


Dare2Fly-ClubVentos offers high quality IKO instruction and uses the latest Cabrinha equipment. For more information

Skyriders Kiteschool

Skyriders Kiteschool +55 88 8806 3540 ask for Marko. All Skyriders Instructors are IKO certified. New North Gear.Private Teaching.