Calle Larga XXII Marzo, San Marco, Fondamenta della Sensa, 2401 Venice, Italy Phone: +39 041 523 8969


Jesurum's collections are manufactured entirely and exclusively in Italy; they revive and reinterpret the tradition of Venetian lace and embroidery with a modern twist, in compliance with the highest standards of craftsmanship, using yarns of the highest quality. Jesurum's products cover all tastes in linen for the home, yachts and private jets and include traditional collections embellished with white and ecru lace or polychrome lace patented by Michelangelo Jesurum, and sophisticated modern collections that keep up with new trends whilst remaining true to the tradition of Jesurum: indeed the new collections are now the pride of this historic brand. As customer needs have evolved, so have the products, which have managed to stay ahead of the times by maintaining the same attention to detail and quality but in a contemporary style.

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