Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan Cuisines: English


Kajishika (かじしか), (Just north of the Hotel Okura by the river). A popular Yatai run by a 23 year old girl and her father. It is featured in the media on a regular basis because of the young owner and has a slightly more modern menu than traditional Yatais. The inside of the Yatai is also very clean because they do not cook inside the Yatai. The interior of the Yatai is taken up by a large display of the food that they grill to order. There is no English menu and the selection changes every day. If you go late at night they run out of a lot of the food so go early if you are hungry. Most of the menu can be seen in the display case but the BBQ Short Ribs(骨付きカルビ) are very reasonable at ¥700 but not displayed in the case. There is also a nice selection of fresh seafood.  

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