kayaking ( Sea Kayaking)

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A popular activity, that allows you to visit the world in which dolphins and seals have their fun. Sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire is one of the best ways to see Britain's only coastal national park. Sea Kayaking is perhaps one of the oldest modes of transport that dates back 4000 years and was used to hunt everything from sea otters to whales. We are fortunate enough to be able to use these same methods to explore a breath taking environment. No two sea kayaking sessions are ever the same—wind, waves and tide are constantly changing the sea state so you're always guaranteed a unique journey. Our qualified, local instructors will lead your group into areas of the coast which would be inaccessible any other way, giving you the opportunity to see spectacular geology and marine life in untouched habitats. Our Sea Kayak sessions always adapt to the conditions on the day, so generally the trip is more of a tour in calm sea states and more of a surf/rockhopping type get-wet activity in more 'lively' conditions. You don't need to be strong, but you do need to have water confidence, as you'll be in and around the waves on a constantly moving body of water.

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