Ko Ta Khao Man Gai

Tilok Utis 1 Road Cuisines: Asian, Thai


Ko Ta is an unassuming little place that you might easily miss unless you're paying attention. The restaurant's sign is written only in Thai, so don't look for it by name. Instead, head out from the Metropole Hotel towards Tilok Utis 1 Road and you''ll see it: a gray open room with a glass counter and a series of small tables. Ko Ta serves Thai fast food, including popular dishes such as khao man gai, which is basically boiled chicken with garlic rice. Food is served until they ran out, so don't be disappointed if you show up in the early evening and the place is closed. If you're on a tight budget, Ko Ta cannot be beat --Dishes start as low as 35 baht (just over U$1).

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