Kullu Shawl Factory


Kullu Shawls are well known all around the world for its simple and elegant designs and its fine woolen fabric and manufacturing quality. Kullu shawls are worn by both: men and women, but men's shawls are usually called "Loi" or "Pattu" and are often plain without any pattern or very minimal patterned stripes on two edges.Kullu shawls play a very significant role in the economy of valley. It is one of the major income sources for these people where thousands of them earn their living by weaving part time or full time. Around 20,000 people work part-time and about 10,000 people earn their livlihood by working full-time. These shawls are made in valley itself by local people who have inherited their skills from their past generations. Shawls made in the valley are woven using handlooms and these handlooms can be found in almost every home in rural areas. 

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