Lalpur, Ranchi,Jharkhand


Lalpur Chowk, an important locality of Ranchi, Jharkhand state, is an intersection (chowk meaning "intersection") is at the intersection of Circular and Old Hazaribagh Road (old HB Road in short). The word chowk is a Hindi word meaning intersection. The area has several shops and important commercial establishments. Circular Road ends at the subsequent chowk, namely, Dangratoli Chowk, where Circular Road meets Purulia Road. In the opposite direction, the Circular Road takes one to Kutchery area of Ranchi. From there, it forks to Ratu Road and Kanke Road. Old HB Road continues until it meets the new Hazaribagh Road. In the opposite direction it leads to Firayalal chowk, which is one of the busiest intersections in Ranchi. Lalpur Chowk also leads to Peace Road.

There are major residential areas around Lalpur chowk. Burdwan Compound, BSNL colony, Lower Burdwan compound etc. Burdwan Compound has a large population of Bengalis. Burdwan Compound is so named because it was the estate of the king of Burdwan, a district in West Bengal.

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