Lotus Bakery

Pelling Road | Near Pemayangtse Monastery, Pelling 737113, India Phone: Not Available


If you are going to Pemayangtse from Pelling , you find the Lotus Bakery on the left of the road . A ramshackle hut ,patched with tarpaulin , woven reed sheets with industrial ovens behind the counter ,it houses the most amazing bakery .You have a choice of alfresco or indoors . The cafe has a cement floor and a short plastered wall topped with a bamboo frame , set with square uncurtained windows through which sunlight streams in . The walls are a patchwork of yellow and blue tarpaulin and plastic and sheets woven out bamboo. You wait at a rickety wooden table on blue plastic stools and breathe in the warm yeasty , cinammony , chocolatey smell of baking 

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