Mae Sa Elephant Camp

119/9 Tapae Road, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand Phone: +66 53 206 247


Maesa Elephant Campflanks a rushing river in a beautiful lush tropical valley a mere twenty minutes scenic drive from downtown Chiang Mai. Having been open for nearly thirty years and currently home to seventy eight elephants, we have become leaders and experts in the field of elephant breeding, training, healthcare and sustainable tourism. Asian elephants have long been used as beasts of burden by man - transportation, timber logging or in war. In the early days of elephant camps these were the main abilities showcased, but it was the camp's founder,Choochart Kalmapijit's understanding of the deep intelligence of elephants that inspired him to establish Maesa Elephant Camp in 1976. Over the years Choochart purchased elephants from all over the country, and with their mahouts and other experts, worked and fell in love with the elephants, revealing one skill or fact after another about these pachyderms that have not only helped to develop Maesa's reputations over the years, but help further the cause of the conservation and future of the Asian elephant.

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