Manila - for Adventure

Hatsu Hana Tei


The Hatsu Hana Bento set is a boxed meal that satisfies your appetite and ...

$ 11 Average Cost Shortlist



Fronting a leafy terrace and set back from a bustling street in the ...

$ 158 Average Cost Shortlist

Tong Yang Hot Pot


The idea here is to cook your own meal at your table. Tong Yang is simply ...

$ 13 Average Cost Shortlist

Lolo Dad's


Lolo means grandfather in Tagalog, so its not surprising that this fine ...

$ 17 Average Cost Shortlist

Abe Trinoma


Abe (ah-beh) is the restaurant dedicated to Larry Cruz' father, the late ...

$ 6 Average Cost Shortlist

Star City

Amusement Park

Thinking of a weekend get-away that is affordable, close enough to home, ...

$ 1 Average Cost Shortlist

Hidden Valley

Scenic Beauty/View

Enjoy the enchanting Hidden Valley and take a dip in its naturally heated ...


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