Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC

41, Seksyen 58, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Phone: Not Available


The  As Syakirin Mosque  (Malay:  Masjid As Syakirin ), also known as  KLCC Mosque , is a  mosque  located in the  Kuala Lumpur City Centre  (KLCC). The mosque is situated near the  Suria KLCC  shopping centre and the  Petronas Twin Towers , the tallest twin towers in the world.
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Avoid doing this

"avoid trip and fall"

"avoid praying friday prayers in the park, usually the ground will be muddy"

"beware of shoes thief"

What people dont like

"what ever your skin color, races, nationality, height, weight and etc, as long as you is islam, this is our place for worship to allah swt."

"even if u have to answer a call, keep your voice down brother."

"afraid of shoes being stolen, you can have taken care of for free on the ground floor storage."

"despise the late comers who try to squeeze in inside during friday prayer...when u're late, u're late...respect people who come early..."

"there r a lot of empty space."

"don't come wearing expensive shoes!"

"tick socks n long sleeve baju"

"come early; at least an hour before iftar; to book your place and to listen to some pre-iftar tazkirah."

"less than 10 mins, i lost my slipper.. they are pro!"

"come early so u will have cold place for doing the prayers."

Useful Tips

"beautiful masjid at heart centre of kl city."

"beautiful recitation mashaallah."

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